Welcome To A New Journey


Bugaboo - also known as the "Dutch mobility concept creators” - has experienced tremendous growth over the last decade. To manage their rapid expansion and have their internal processes glide as smoothly as their sleek baby strollers and suitcases, Bugaboo launched a global Reboot Campaign. And what better to kick off their Reboot Campaign than a customized Go Game experience?!

Primary Goals

  • Kickstart Bugaboo’s new companywide initiative: The Reboot Campaign
  • Align main global offices with corporate headquarters and strategy
  • Celebrate companywide and prepare for future growth

The Game

Bugaboo wanted their game's flow to mirror the progression of their Reboot initiative: challenging puzzle-based missions were to populate the start of the game. These brain burners were to give way to smoother and more creative challenges as the game progressed. A uniquely designed game, for a unique company focused on redefining mobility.


Bugaboo’s accomplishment is to make life easier on the move, and so it was no surprise that their team was ramped up and ready to go go go. With over 200 people based out of Xiamen, they had 30 teams fan out over their office complex to liven up the surroundings. Puzzles, riddles, sneaks, trivia, and creative challenges galore, as Bugaboo’s China team leapt into their new journey.

“A picture-perfect way to bring our Reboot Campaign to life!”