Taking Shanghai by Storm


General Electric is known globally as a pioneer across the digital and industrial sectors. At GE, leaders are expected to be prepared to adapt and evolve to meet new challenges. In designing their customized Shanghai Go Game experience, our team put together a host of challenges that required a healthy dose of imagination and courage, as well as a sharp external focus.

This classic Go Game was held as part of a global summit for GE's sales team. The game was aimed both at requiring participants to come together with new teammates to solve problems in a similar fashion to what may arise during the course of new sales campaigns, and also to learn about Shanghai's rich history and get the chance to explore the city.

Primary Goals

  • Apply sales skills to real-world scenarios
  • Get team members together to interact and solve problems collaboratively
  • Explore Shanghai and learn more about Chinese culture

The Game

The game zone was focused in the French Concession area of Shanghai. Teams were broken down and tasked with a multitude of different challenges that tested both their ability to sell in changing environments as well as their knowledge of Chinese and Shanghainese culture.

An awesome add-on for this game was the inclusion of our Hook 'n' Cook iron-chef competition following the conclusion of the Go Game; the first one we've ever hosted in Shanghai! Partnering with Cafe Sambal, an excellent Malaysian restaurant with locations in Beijing and Shanghai, The Hutong's Go Game team was joined by our culinary colleagues, who hosted an incredible event that highlighted the creativity and culinary prowess of GE's multi-talented staff.


GE's international team were able to experience parts of Old Shanghai while still getting the opportunity to work together as a team to solve challenges directly relevant to their job function. Even in the brisk February air, participants left with a new sense of the city, and, given the inclusion of the Hook 'n' Cook culinary competition, full bellies and a new understand of Chinese cuisine!

“An incredible way to explore Shanghai and get to really know my colleagues!”