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From day 1, The Go Game HQ has pushed the possibilities of mobile technology, driven by the belief that these newfangled gadgets add immeasurably to urban exploration and team building. Way back in 2001, when the phones were as big as toasters, they coded one of the first pieces of software to route people through a city on cellphones, using WAP (Wireless Application Protocol). Since then, they've continued to build their own software -- a fact we're really proud of.

When you've got 2000 players in a conference room in Vegas -- all about to hit 'Go' on their phones -- you can be confident in knowing that it'll work, because we made it ourselves. Having in-house technology is one of the main reasons we've been around for so long and run so many successful and amazing events.

Our first question is always: will it work NO MATTER WHAT?

Having run thousands of games for over half a million people, The Go Game has just about seen it all. That experience has been used to create games that work in designated game spaces. As long as players keep their phones out of Houhai and stay in the game space, we're confident all will go according to plan. It's that simple.

The second question we ask is: will a piece of technology add to the experience, or take away from it?

Technology for its own sake is not what we're about. The magic of The Go Game is what happens between players and teams. Usually, participants aren't aware of the level of technological sophistication that's routing them through their game. And that's how it should be. Players should spend their time and energy exploring their environments, discovering and revealing their hidden talents, and making memories. You know -- playing. Let's save getting sucked into a tiny screen and spending time continually re-launching software for the "real" world.

With that in mind...

Games have been created on a host of devices, integrating a wide variety of functionality. From the first phone with an integrated camera, to experimental wearable tech -- the tech team behind the game has played with it, created content for it, and made it all come to life though the magic of The Go Game!

In 2013, The Go Game re-built their game platform from the ground up, in order to incorporate features and functionality that they've dreamed up over the last 12 years of real world gaming. The new platform is called 'Breadcrumb' and it now powers The Go Game. Built with the Django and Ember frameworks, this powerful suite of web applications allows game-makers to do some really cool stuff. It leverages all the bells and whistles of a native mobile app from within the browser, making the software cross-platform and easy to update.

For starters, games can be scaled to massive proportions. 100,000 players? No sweat. Instant uploading of media, location awareness - so teams can move about the game zones more serendipitously, - and an open API to integrate with other applications.

  • Massive Scalability
  • Photo & Video Media
  • Location Awareness
  • API Integration
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