The Outdoor Movie Game

The kid (and everyone else) stays in the picture!

What To Expect

We've been thrilled by the creativity of thousands of teams' amazing short videos made during The Classic Go Game. 

Inspired by years of these experiences, we're proud to present The Movie Game -- an absolute blockbuster of a team-building activity.

You and your co-workers are transformed into a powerhouse movie production unit, with cinematographers, directors, actors, costume and sound designers, all collaborating to create short films that will blow your mind.

Master Of Ceremonies

Part Oscars MC and part college film instructor, your Game Producer will get the event going with a hilarious and high-energy introduction. The gear, the roles, and the structure of the game will be clearly spelled out so teams hit the ground running.

Pick Your Themes

During the course of play, teams are given a movie genre (like 'Coming of Age,' 'Horror,' 'Mockumentary,' 'Romance,' etc.) along with prompts to build the story and keep it going at a perfect pace. Magic happens when teams fill in the blanks of the storyline. Believe us when we say the results are nothing short of genius.

At the games’ conclusion

The game ends in an all-out Academy Awards style ceremony, presented at the ending venue of your choice. Hosted by your Game Producer (Jerry Seinfeld is notoriously hard to book), the movies are screened and we'll help you judge them, supported by food and drink. You'll vote for 'Best Director,' 'Best Actor', the coveted 'Best Picture' and a host of other categories. Solid gold plastic awards are presented to the winners recognizing the myriad talents of your group.

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