The Convention Game


Gamify your conference & watch the fun happen.

How it works

We know, orchestrating a conference is tricky. Between arranging meals, scheduling speakers and booking rooms, there is little time to plan a fun, experiential activity that makes your gathering truly special.

For groups of 10 to 10,000, The Conference Game is the perfect solution. We have worked with a variety of clients who are looking for a unique way to drive their conference messaging and bring attendees together in a meaningful way. In a fast-paced, informative adventure (starring THEM), teams will interface with conference exhibitors to learn about their offerings, interact with actors or ‘plants’ who are in on the game, and solve trivia missions relating to the theme of your event.

Game Play

The game is simple to access, and features a wide variety of content -- from breakouts, keynote speeches, networking challenges to creative photo challenges. Singly or in teams, players receive the missions on a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Points update to a public leaderboard, and prizes are won for successful outcomes.

No conference is the same, so we work hand-in-hand with your team to make a game that matches your goals and objectives. This game matches up perfeclty with conference goals, such as:

  • Retention of keynote/breakout teachings
  • Encouraging interaction with partner kiosks
  • Enhanced attendee networking
  • Team bonding

By adding game mechanics to a conference, the entire experience becomes energized, playful and more rewarding.

The Tech

Our game can be played on an app (iPhone/Android/HTML5), or our simple html game platform.

The Booster Pack

Want to learn some other ways to kickstart your conferences and engage your attendees? We've facilitated events for some of the world's biggest companies - and we'd love to work with you, too! Contact us to learn more.

The Take-away

Expect a spirited awards ceremony, a heavily-trafficed website of all the photo and video game highlights, and social media buzz. At the end of the experience, players will know one another better, have a deeper knowledge of confrence content, and, if they're lucky, a ridiculously large trophy.


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