How will we know how to use the phones and cameras?

Before the game, our Game Runner gives a full tutorial on how to operate Go Game gear. In addition, teams are given instructions with hints and tips on using the equipment. If you run into trouble, our Go Game Operative is standing by ready to take any emergency phone calls.

How do the phones send and receive missions?

We provide phones with web access to send and receive missions. The process is simple to learn. Even the most technologically challenged players will have no trouble figuring out how to work our user-friendly devices.

Do all teams run the same course?

Nope! All teams will receive missions from the same pool of possible missions, but their order and number depend on various factors such as speed of completion and availability. However, a few missions are common to every course. Those are the creative missions you'll be judging at the end. At the conclusion of the game, all teams end up at the same location, where the fun continues with the judging portion of the game.

Can everyone play?

Yes. People of all levels of physical ability can play The Go Game. If a person is unable to walk or would prefer to remain stationary, we can write them into the game as one of our secret agents!

Are prizes provided?

The winning team receives a trophy, as well as glory, pride, and bragging rights throughout the office. We also provide gag gifts for the other top teams and even a little something for the last place team.

What is included in the cost of a game?

The price includes everything except the venue for the final presentation and any food and beverage to be served during the final judging presentation. The Go Game will provide all the A/V equipment for games under 100 players. Some games may require a screen rental if not provided by your ending venue.

Can the game be customized?

Every Classic Go Game includes a standard customization package. We'll add in several trivia questions you provide and include up to two additional custom challenges written just for you. In addition, we'll tailor the challenges to meet the needs of your group and your event. Together, this will leave players feeling like the game was written just for them. Additional customization is available if you’re interested - just let us know!

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