Team Building Atlanta

Spice up your life with a Go Game in Hotlanta.

Have a blast in Centennial Park, or one of our other zones, with our technology driven, team-building games in Atlanta.

Atlanta is a great place to play our games. For groups of 5 to 10,000 players, we can customize a smartphone scavenger hunt just for your group.

There's nothing quite like a Go Game in the ATL. Simply standing in Centennial Park is enough to motivate you to undertake Olympic feats. We won't ask you to run the 200 meter dash, but feel free to wear your gold shoes. We will, however, have you complete missions that will test your mental prowess, your creative means, and your ability to work together. While an escape to Midtown might get you out of the office, you're not going to be off the hook in dealing with your coworkers. You might need them to locate the secret agent at the Gold Star Bakery! Conversely, you can play in the Zoo Atlanta. The animals might not give you any of the answers, but they will be the subject of some crazy missions.