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Playing The Go Game with your co-workers will be the best thing you ever do as a team. Bring us your over-competitive salesperson, your skeptical product manager, and stressed out director. The Go Game will braid you all into a friendship bracelet of professional effectiveness that will be the envy of your professional peers.

The Go Game sits at the intersection of technology, exploration and creativity. Powered by robust mobile technology and skilled game producers, you and your team will discover the magic of your real-world surroundings and the creative potential that resides in you and your teammates.

We understand. Team building can sometimes feel like a forced activity that makes people roll their eyes and wish they’d skipped out to play mahjong. With years of experience working with corporate and educational groups, we have refined the art of engaging the masses - from 8-year olds to senior executives, and everyone in between.

While no two groups of people are exactly alike, our common affinity for collaboration, exploration and problem-solving demonstrates that one thing is certain: humans shine when at play. We will bring out the best in your team through game design expertise and technological execution.

By playing The Go Game, you’ll uncover newfound skills that exist in your team, discover the magic and serendipity that exists in your every-day surroundings and be surprised by the creative potential of your teammates.

At The Hutong, we are tried and true China-based team builders with plenty of experience navigating multi-cultural group dynamics. With an international team of our own, we can customize your Go Game in Chinese or English - or a fun cross between the two that empowers communication and knowledge-sharing on both sides.

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The Go Game has been played by thousands of companies in cities, parks, hotels and conference centers around the world. It's a proven recipe for fun and team building. The Hutong is proud to be The Go Game's exclusive partner in China. We've run games in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong for some of the world's biggest companies. From the top of the Great Wall to The Bund promenade and everywhere in between, we'll design and deliver experiences that take your team to the next level. Are you ready to play?

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"On behalf of the whole team, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you for organizing, facilitating, and investing your time on us. It was an amazing, fun-filled experience that we will always treasure."

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How many people can participate?

We create and run games for groups of ten to a thousand. With advanced booking, we can arrange for epic games of up to 10,000 people.

How long does a game last?

A typical Go Game is designed as a half-day event but we can easily adjust the timing to meet your scheduling needs. Most games are designed to last up to four hours including a wrap-up at the end that may coincide with a meal or happy hour, and you may start your game anytime: morning, afternoon, or evening. We can also integrate the game into a larger corporate program - get in touch with us to learn more!

Where does the game take place?

We can run a game anywhere there is cell phone coverage, from a big city to a resort paradise. We can also create games that can be run on players' own personal smartphones. We’ll even set up a paper-based game if you’re out in the wilderness or just prefer to kick it old school. Looking for unique spaces and memorable places to host the game? We've got you covered. We have a ton of experience running programs all around China.

What special gear is required?

We provide all the phones and cameras. Players should wear comfortable clothes and good walking shoes. The wearing of capes and sporty underwear on the "outside" will not be discouraged.

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Ben Kalman

Senior Programs Manager @ The Hutong

<p>While beginning his Hutong tenure in the education department, Ben now devotes most of his waking hours to creating and developing high-quality, professional corporate programming catered to clients from all walks of life. A student of Chinese history, language, and culture, Ben appreciates the way The Hutong strives to promote cross-cultural learning and understanding.</p> <p>· <span>Is a nice Jewish boy from New York.</span></p> <p>· <span>Can be seen on stage from time to time playing guitar with different bands around Beijing.</span></p> <p>· <span>Was unofficially knighted on his first trip to England as an 8-year old.</span></p>


Anete Elken

Educational Programs Coordinator @ The Hutong

<p>Anete comes from Estonia. She majored in Chinese language and culture and keeps learning more about China everyday while living in Beijing. One of her favourite ways to learn Mandarin Chinese is practising bilingual improv theatre and performing with Beijing Improv Bilingual Troupe every month.</p> <ul> <li>Runs marathons and hopes to start running even longer ultra-marathons soon.</li> </ul> <ul> <li>Often thinks about one thing in three different languages – Estonian, English and Chinese.</li> </ul> <ul> <li>Enjoys cooking, especially baking. She makes bread and pastry and is planning to open an Estonian bakery in Beijing.</li> </ul>


Morgan O'Hara

Managing Partner @ The Hutong

<p>Morgan focuses on growing the business as well as promoting a high standard of professionalism and a great company culture. He loves The Hutong’s egalitarian and creative environment and looks forward to continue to learn and grow with his amazing teammates.</p> <p>· Knows perfection is unattainable; trying our best is not.</p> <p>· Is a wanderer at heart and in life.</p> <p>· Is from New York City – enough said!</p>


Danielle Laing

Communications Manager @ The Hutong

<p>Danielle manages communications for both The Hutong’s onsite and offsite departments. Whether it’s through social media, design, sales, or event planning, she loves engaging clients and leaving a positive impact.</p> <p>· Passionate about cooking (and eating!).</p> <p>· Has travelled to 29 countries but her favorite place on the planet is still her hometown: Toronto, Canada.</p> <p>· Loves – but is mildly terrified by – scuba diving.</p>